LAMDA Examinations

LAMDA ( London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) is one of the UK’s most prestigious drama schools offering performance-based examinations and examinations are open to all Academy students aged 7 plus, with the approval of their Academy teacher.

LAMDA exams are recognised educational qualifications and are accredited as an Awarding Body by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in England. The higher level examinations award UCAS points (for university entry in the UK). As an example, a distinction or a merit award at Grade 8 is worth the same university points as an A grade at AS level.

Simply Theatre Academy is proud to offer its students the opportunity to take LAMDA examinations in Acting and Musical Theatre. Over the past few years, Simply Theatre Academy has forged great links with LAMDA. The Academy holds a 100% pass rate and in 2018, 98 students took LAMDA with 70% of them passing with distinction. 10 students achieved 100/100 – an astonishing result. The LAMDA examiners have been suitably impressed with the Academy facilities, staff, setup and the high standards achieved by our students.

Our Lamda Courses take the form of a combination of private and group lessons, a mock exam and then the actual exam.

Students will initially choose pieces to perform with the help of their coach. They will then work through the variety of technical and interpretational skills necessary to delivery the monologue or song through their coaching sessions both group and private. Along side they will be also work on the knowledge component of the course. This is the part of the exam where they have to answer questions about their pieces and how they have created the characters for performance.

LAMDA is almost always a very positive experience for our students. However, if you are not sure whether it is right for you, come and speak to your teacher about it.

Only current students can enrol for LAMDA with Simply Theatre.