Stage 1 Drama (7-9) Building on the skills developed in ’Mini-Dramas’, students now begin to explore the role of the voice and body in acting, as well as continuing to use theatre games, exercises, and scenarios to explore drama in order to enhance both their theatrical and social skills. The emphasis on play and fun is maintained, and they are also introduced to a variety of disciplines such as improvisation, movement, devising, text, and characterisation. Our Stage 1 Drama Courses are 75 minutes per week

04:50 PM CEST - 06:05 PM CEST

Cham, Zug

Session information


Session 1
31 Aug 16:50 CEST
    Session 2
    07 Sep 16:50 CEST
      Session 3
      14 Sep 16:50 CEST
        Session 4
        21 Sep 16:50 CEST
          Session 5
          28 Sep 16:50 CEST
            Session 6
            05 Oct 16:50 CEST
              Session 7
              26 Oct 16:50 CEST
                Session 8
                02 Nov 16:50 CET
                  Session 9
                  09 Nov 16:50 CET
                    Session 10
                    16 Nov 16:50 CET
                      Session 11
                      23 Nov 16:50 CET
                        Session 12
                        30 Nov 16:50 CET
                          Session 13
                          07 Dec 16:50 CET
                            Session 14
                            14 Dec 16:50 CET
                              Session 15
                              11 Jan 16:50 CET
                                Session 16
                                18 Jan 16:50 CET
                                  Session 17
                                  25 Jan 16:50 CET
                                    Session 18
                                    01 Feb 16:50 CET
                                      Session 19
                                      22 Feb 16:50 CET
                                        Session 20
                                        29 Feb 16:50 CET
                                          Session 21
                                          07 Mar 16:50 CET
                                            Session 22
                                            14 Mar 16:50 CET
                                              Session 23
                                              21 Mar 16:50 CET
                                                Session 24
                                                04 Apr 16:50 CEST
                                                  Session 25
                                                  11 Apr 16:50 CEST
                                                    Session 26
                                                    02 May 16:50 CEST
                                                      Session 27
                                                      16 May 16:50 CEST
                                                        Session 28
                                                        23 May 16:50 CEST
                                                          Session 29
                                                          06 Jun 16:50 CEST
                                                            Session 30
                                                            13 Jun 16:50 CEST
                                                              • CHF1,270.00 excl.


                                                              Drama and Performing Arts Courses

                                                              We have a specially designed rolling curriculum across all age groups and course types. Each year, our choice of material, genre and focus changes, allowing students to spend three terms exploring and developing a specific set of new skills and experiences, and realise them through performance. Meanwhile, regardless of the material being explored, we simultaneously return to basic strategies and techniques that are common to all live performance work, thereby building on the work of previous years. Our objective is to offer complete and exciting opportunities for those who may be with us for one or two years, whilst also providing life-long learning based on a rich set of contrasting experiences for our long-term students.


                                                              Term 1:

                                                              Building the Ensemble

                                                              This term is all about creating strong foundations on which to build throughout the year. This begins with the implementation of good studio ethics: exploring how we work together; how we establish basic trust and acceptance of the group; and how we create an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. We continue with skills and ensemble work throughout term 1, developing our ability and confidence to play together and share our imaginations. The term often ends with an open class, where parents are invited into the studio to see the style of teaching, the environment, and the types of activity we have been working on.


                                                              Term 2:

                                                              Exploring the World

                                                              This term builds upon the work of Term 1, and begins to focus towards investigation of the skills, style and details of the world of a particular story, play or musical production. We start to explore stories, images, characters, language, possibilities, using the techniques established in Term 1.

                                                              Rehearsing the Play

                                                              Mid way through Term 2 we also begin rehearsals for the end of year showcases. Here we gather the skills, ideas, techniques, understanding and energy created during Term 1 and Term 2, and put them into practice. Lines are learned, characters are created, moves are established and we practice our craft in the rehearsal room. In PA classes this will also include learning songs and choreography.


                                                              Term 3
                                                              Performing the Play
                                                              This term continues to build on the rehearsal experience and our work becomes more focused on developing performance skills. Each class works together as a mini theatre company as we rehearse our play or musical production. The material is carefully selected for each year group and we showcase the year’s work in the theatre in front of an audience.

                                                              Ensemble practice serves as a foundation to all our work and we encourage everyone to challenge and stretch themselves as the year comes full circle with the Building the Ensemble foundations present in the showcase performances.