Why Simply Theatre

Your potential

Life skills are those skills that will enable us to achieve our potential, no matter what the future world looks like. Jobs and careers in future will be very different from today, and our ability to succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing environment will play a large role in our future happiness. Many of the human jobs of the future will be based on skills in human interaction, collaboration and empathy.

Decision making, problem solving, creative and critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, self awareness and empathy, coping with emotions and stress are all examples of life skills we need, and which are abundantly developed in the performing arts. 

Life Skills, Confidence & Culture

At Simply Theatre our courses are designed for life-long development of performance skills, life skills, confidence and cultural awareness. Whilst the skills developed in the drama and dance studio are essential for acting and performance, they can also be used well beyond the stage, for whatever roles you will play in life.

In our sessions and across the year we work on the following areas:

  • Body and Voice
  • Building confidence in our imaginative work
  • Teamwork across the group
  • Learning to both “play” and “create” spontaneously with others
  • Developing instinct, stagecraft and technique
  • Developing our storytelling skills
  • Emotional connection

Introduction video to Simply Theatre

What Parents and Students say

Please watch our video where students and parents talk about the professional, caring nature of our team as well as the extensive opportunities available at Simply Theatre.